LARA KLAWIKOWSKI SPRING/SUMMER 2014/15 collection showcased at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2014


This collection was inspired by the unusual beauty of warped frozen perspectives of flowers in ice-cubes, how each plane of an ice-cube is a unique view of the same object within.

I explored how different states of water change the perspectives and textures of objects. I was intrigued by these visual mutations, the beauty of hydration and dehydration, the effects of excess and depletion, and their juxtaposition, how the addition and subtraction of water can conceal, reveal and accentuate the details and lines in leaves and flowers, and how leaves and flowers have been used in traditional clothing.

I was fascinated by the way a 3-dimensional flower acquires a 2-d perspective inside an ice-cube, the same way we put people in boxes and flatten them into our 2-d perceptions. Regardless of what we are, what we wear, what we project, we are reduced to someone else’s opinion and have little control of their perception of us – WeAreWhatTheySee.