LARA KLAWIKOWSKI Wearable Art / Bridal 2020 ‘Strange Flowers’

A collection of bespoke upcycled bridal designs created from recycled materials, re-fabricated by hand at our studio in Cape Town, inspired by the unpredictable and unusual, organic textures and shapes of flowers and plants, and how this can be mirrored in re-fabricated materials for clothes with a unique flora aesthetic. As each pattern piece is created by hand and has its idiosyncrasies, wearing one of these designs is like picking a flower to wear, and promotes the appreciation of slow fashion.

This collection was inspired by the current global insistence on growing awareness of what we wear, what our garments are made of and who made them, and the emphasis placed on choosing to wear garments that are least harmful to the earth and humans. The intriguing textures and proportions of the designs prompt the wearer to look closer and inspect what they are wearing.